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Saturday, August 27, 2011

♥ naughty kiss ♥

auwww... mesti ad yg berfikiran agak blue bila baca tajuk entry nija ni erk....
ok peringatan entry ni xberkaitan bnda2 18SX,18SG n seangkatan dgn nye..hik2 so la klu buat sesetgh org tu frust nk giler erk...kuan2 xdpt den nk nolong...kih2

ok berbalik kepada NAUGHTY KISS tu...actually ni tajuk citer korea...for those yg addicted ngn korea @ K-POP ni ke confirm tau nye..nija ni xde la tarfa addicted,tp suka la gak tgk citer korea sbb lelaki korea ni baby face,muka jambu2 gtu...n pling ptng romantik! hik2 tp xtau la klu dlm citer tu plastik semata2 nija suka sgt!

nija tiba2 rasa nk tulis sal entry ni kos br je lps tgk citer ni! auwww dah beribu riban kali kot tgk citer ni tp xpuas beb! sbb BAEK SUNG JO yg hensem nk mapus tu...hik2 n jln citer yg agak best ngna sound effect yg lucu,blh terglak sorg2 smpai adik nija geleng2 kpla tgk nija tgk citer tu...hik part yg nija rasa lucu sbb ad kaitan ngn nija skang part ni

hik2...klu yg dah baca entry2 nija sblm ni tentu tau npe nija kta ad kaitan ngn nija...hik2 lucu sgt tgk citer ni...nija mmg brni kta la BEST GILER! tajuk 6...untk NAUGHTY kiss ad 7 tajuk,actually citer ni version special edition dari PLAYFULL KISS ...smbngn citer ni...korang kna tgk playfull kiss lu sblm tgk citer korang akn paham...

I wish can get hubby yg hensem bapak giler! cam ni...hik2

baek sung jo yg hensem!
hik2...n jgk sbb dlm citer ni dia bijak giler n doctor! auwwww bertuah nye klu dpt hubby cam ni...hik2

dia educated nk mapus kot dlm citer...try tgk ar gmbr dia ni yg tgh rajin bkn nerd k...hik2

hik2....part yg best dlm citer ni sbb mak baek sung jo ni...mak ai.. sportim giler beb! auwww senang nye dalam hati,ad mak mertua begini....hik2 ni mak mertua yg sempoi hbs.... kn?auwww doa2 la nija jmpa jdh cam nija harapkn...hik2... ok nmpk nye dah larut malam,ngantuk la... esok nk bgn sahur la...hik2.... ok all my visitor n follower..night =)

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Taufan Bin Ribut said...

hahahahahhaa ^^

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hik2 blh gelak plak?

qiss.lovely said...

i wish that too !;D

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